Safe-fence electric system for horses

2020-04-01 21:10

SafeFence Electric System. Safety It must have a very low potential for injury. With a 750 pound break strength, SafeFence tape is stronger than a 2x6 board but will tear in cases of severe impact with little or no injury to the horse. Expense It should be fairly priced. SafeFence costsHow can the answer be improved? safe-fence electric system for horses

SafeFence polytape is 1 wide and contains 15 strands of 12 mil 304 stainless steel wire and 33 strands of heavy 20 mil UV stabilized polyethylene monofilament. It features uncompromised breaking strength of 750 pounds, reducing the chance for accidents and injury. It's easy to install and has the look of an expensive vinyl fence system.

An electric fence is a psychological barrier; after first contact with an electric fence, your horse will avoid it. Horses are sensitive animals that are prone to startle easily and give flight. If a horse tries to escape and there's a barbed wire fence, it can get seriously injured. SafeFence Electric System. At 750 lb. breaking strength, SafeFence is stronger than most wood or wire products. The high visibility reduces the potential for accidents and injury, and has the good looks of more expensive systems. Easy installation makes it a simple operation for safe-fence electric system for horses An electric horse fence also takes less than half the time to build compared to traditional fence systems, saving you time and money. In addition to the cost savings, electric fencing for horses act as a psychological barrier and many times are safer than a traditional nonelectrified fence.

Horse Fence Safety. The ElectroBraid Fence System is designed to minimize injuries and secure horses safely. There are no sharp points or hard edges; no boards to break or splinter. Most severe fence injuries happen when a horse panics, or is chased by another horse, and runs 'blind' into a rigid fence. safe-fence electric system for horses SafeFence T Post Polytape Insulator 25 Pk Black. Be careful! These don't fit my tposts that well so it took me a longggg time to get them on completely! SafeFence Electric System is the only Americanmade horse fence system backed by a 20year limited warranty. Since its inception, there are over 30, 000 miles of SafeFence in use, protecting an estimated 250, 000 horses. SafeFence Electric System Keep your livestock, horses and small pets safely contained and protected from predators with our innovative collection of electric fences. Electric fencing is also an excellent choice for farmers and gardeners who want to protect their valuable plants, flowers and vegetables from deer, rabbits and other garden pests. SafeFence Electric System by Powerfields Ensure your horses have the BEST in Electrical fencing with The SafeFence Electric System by Powerfields! About Our Company For 22 years, Powerfields has been a trusted partner to retailers all over the United States. Powerfields is a privatelyheld company, with a strong national presence.

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