Problem of federal system of government in nigeria

2020-03-29 06:38

Jun 30, 2016  Problems of federalism in Nigeria. Revenue allocation: The issue of revenue allocation is another issue confronting federalism in Nigeria. Revenue allocation refers to the sharing formula of the countrys financial resources among the different tiers of government in the country, with the main objective of enhancing economic growth and development,Mar 19, 2011  We analyzed this vis a vis the Nigerian federalism and came to the conclusion that the system of government operational in Nigeria is the federal system of government. The foregoing not withstanding, the Nigerian federalism is bedeviled with a lot of problems problem of federal system of government in nigeria

When the founding fathers of Nigeria opted for a federal system of government in 1954, as opposed to a unitary system, it was a conscious decision designed to protect the diversities and

And again, we are back to the problem of corruption in Nigerian. In Nigeria, the problem is complemented by financial frauds within both federal government and state government. On the local level, we can observe this problem as well, but its scale Attah said that if government accepted fiscal federalism, most of Nigerias problems would be solved. If the government just accepts the principle of fiscal federalism, the states should control what they have and pay certain percentages to the center. problem of federal system of government in nigeria Until the constituent parts of Nigeria's federation are awarded sufficient power and autonomy, along with principles that adhere to a true federal constitution, Nigeria can not enjoy a strong, united system of federation. This is a brief summary of the problems of the federal system of government in Nigeria.

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