10 amazing facts about the circulatory system

2020-03-29 10:09

10 Facts about Circulatory System. Facts about Circulatory System tell you about the vascular or cardiovascular system which allows the transport of nutrients and blood circulation. During the process of the circulation, the hormones, carbon dioxides, and oxygen are transported too. It is very important for human being to have great circulatoryJun 26, 2015  10 Unique and Fun Facts about the Cardiovascular System 1. The circulatory system is long! 2. When youre 80 years old your heart will have beat 3, 363, 840, 000 times! 3. Your heart pumps a lot of blood! 4. Blood is always red, never blue. 5. Blood comes in 10 amazing facts about the circulatory system

Interesting Facts About the Circulatory System. The heart is the only muscle that works constantly and only stops after we die. For every second that passes, 15 million blood cells die. 200 billions of platelets, the diskshaped fragments of blood cells, are produced on a daily basis.

How can the answer be improved? Sep 25, 2013 Here are 11 fun, interesting and perhaps surprising facts about the circulatory system that you may not know. 2 of 12 Credit: Blood vessel diagram via Shutterstock 10 amazing facts about the circulatory system

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