Aerobic septic tank systems

2020-04-03 01:17

Because aerobic bacteria is able to more fully treat wastewater, aerobic septic systems typically require smaller drain fields than anaerobic septic systems. Aerobic systems are therefore a spacesaving choice, and may be the best options for homeowners who have littleHow can the answer be improved? aerobic septic tank systems

Aerobic Treatment Unit Septic Tank Sizes: Here we provide the size and design requirements for aerobic septic tanks or ATUs. Here are designs and products for aerobic septic treatment units (ATUs, or in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Units or AWTs) for onsite waste disposal, also called fine bubble aeration systems.

For residential and commercial septic systems, introducing aerobic bacterial environments in septic tanks created through a carefully controlled aeration process reduces the amount of organic material leaving the septic tank by 90 or more. Aerobic systems have a few advantages over conventional septic systems: Aerobic systems can often be paired with a smaller leaching field than a similar conventional septic system. This can substantially reduce the space required, which can be useful in lots where a large drainage field is unacceptable. aerobic septic tank systems While a conventional septic system uses only the septic tank to separate solids, fats and grease, an aerobic treatment unit (ATU) uses Oxygen infusion for digestion rather than the anaerobic process. Just as in the case of conventional (or standard) systems, an aerobic septic system uses natural processes to treat wastewater.

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