Idimerizetm reverse dimerization system

2020-04-03 01:19

Reverse dimerization: Disrupting proteinprotein interactions. The iDimerize Reverse Dimerization System is a reverse dimerization systemaggregation is the resting state, and the DD Solubilizer breaks up proteinprotein interactions.Jun 20, 2000  The FMbased reverse dimerization system represents a complementary technology to dimerizer approaches for controlling proteinprotein associations, and it suggests two broad types of application. First, the system should be generally useful for rapidly turning off processes that are activated by oligomerization. idimerizetm reverse dimerization system

interest controls (1, 2). Conversely, a reverse dimerizer ligand will bind to and dissociate a protein that aggregates in its absence. Clontech is the exclusive provider of iDimerize productsinducible dimerization systems and cellpermeant ligands which were previously provided by ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. under the brand name ARGENT.

How can the answer be improved? LentiX iDimerize Reverse Dimerization System User Manual( ) www. clontech. com Clontech Laboratories, Inc. A Takara Bio Company Page 4 of 23 Heterodimerizers contain two different binding motifs, allowing the dimerization of two different proteins of interest when each is fused to a different dimerization domain recognized by idimerizetm reverse dimerization system pected properties form the basis for a reverse dimerization regulatory system involving F M fusion proteins, in which association is the ground state and addition of ligand abolishes interactions. We have used this strategy to rapidly and reversibly aggregate fusion proteins in

The iDimerize Reverse Dimerization System brings the disruption of protein complexes under realtime, smallmolecule control. A protein of interest is fused to the DmrD binding domain, and the fusion protein molecules aggregate unless the DD Solubilizer ligand is present. idimerizetm reverse dimerization system SEPARATIONS Simply Spectacular We Serve Science. Laboratory instrumentation for research, forensics, bioanalysis, etc Our divisions: Biotechniques, Biopharmtechniques, Watertechniques, Chromtechniques, Robotiques Connect with us Tel: 27 11 919

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