Block diagram of modern radar system

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F. The student will know the block diagram of a simple continuous wave radar system and will comprehend the major components of that system, including amplifiers, power amplifiers, oscillators, and waveguides. G. The student will comprehend the use of filters in a continuous wave radar system.Atmospheric noise enters into the system through the antenna, and all the electronics in the radar's signal path produces noise too. A. Major blocks of modern radar system. The major components of modern radar are the antenna, the tracking computer and the signal generator. block diagram of modern radar system

Basic Radar System Block Diagram: Basic Radar System Block Diagram consists of a transmitter and a receiver, each connected to a directional antenna. The transmitter is capable of sending out a large UHF or microwave power through the antenna.

Figure 2: Block diagram of a primary radar (interactive picture) All targets produce a diffuse reflection i. e. it is reflected in a wide number of directions. The reflected signal is also called scattering. Backscatter is the term given to reflections in the opposite direction to the incident rays. The block diagram of a modern radar system is shown in Fig. 15. 45. There is an AD converter in the receiver to permit the processing of the return signals in digital form. The digital data is sent to the matched filter, followed by a digital detector. block diagram of modern radar system Modern Radar Techniques for Air Surveillance& Defense Lt. Col (HAF) Ioannis Kassotakis 1 Abstract. During the last sixty years Radar systems have evolved from auxiliary electronic devices to the heart of every modern weapon system on the ground, sea, air and space. In the course of their evolution the Radar systems started with a few

The beam rotates in angle in response to the antenna position. Figure 2. 5: Block diagram of a pulse radar A Bscope display is similar to the PPI except that it utilizes rectangular, angle. BoththeBscope and the PPI, being intensity modulated, have limited dynamic range. block diagram of modern radar system Generally, radar waves are restricted in the recording of the range of low lying objects by the radar horizon. The range of the radar horizon depends on the height of the antenna and on the amount of bending of the radar wave. The bending is caused by diffraction and refraction. A Basic RADAR System. Receiver: It can be super heterodyne receiver or any other receiver which consists of a processor to process the signal and detect it. Threshold Decision: The output of the receiver is compared with a threshold to detect the presence of any object. If the output is below any threshold, the presence of noise is assumed. Modern radar systems are used for early detection of surface or air objects and provide extremely accurate information on distance, direction, height, and speed of the objects. Radar is also used to guide missiles to targets and direct the firing of gun systems.

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