Decision support system in banking sector

2020-03-30 21:32

decision support system. DSSs serve the A decision support system (DSS) is a computerbased information system that supportsThis research was aimed to design a decision support system of internet banking technology services development in PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI Persero) Tbk. SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threat) analysis is used to identify determinant criteria in the development of bank services. The conceptual design of Decision Support System decision support system in banking sector

of decision support systems to achieve marketing creativity. The Studys Statement of the Problem This study was conducted to be a followup study for the two studies of Hashem (2007) and Hashem& Al Aqrabawi (2013), which were concerned in decision support systems and achieving marketing creativity in the banking sector.

Structured decision support systems may simply use a form to ensure that all necessary data is collected and that the decision making process is not skewed by the absence of necessary data. When there is a desire to make a decision more structured, the support system for that decision is designed to ensure consistency. decision support system in the banking sector. H1b: A positive relationship exists between system quality and user satisfaction of decision support system in the banking sector. H2a: A positive relationship exists between perceived information quality and system use of decision support system in the banking sector. decision support system in banking sector RESEARCH PROPOSAL. An analysis on the effective use of the Decision Support System in Technology of the EBanking Sector in general The use of electronic banking has undergone tremendous growth over the years. This has been facilitated by the

Implementation into a decision support system. On the basis of the methodology described in Section 2, the system provides a variety of options to the userbank analyst ( Fig. 4 ), involving: (1) the banks, evaluation criteria, and time period of the analysis, (2) the type of the evaluation (absolute, relative), decision support system in banking sector In general a broad spectrum of mechanisms must be available to the decision maker so that he can use all of the system's capabilities to support his decision making process. 4 A DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR BANKS Given this introduction to a conceptual structure for a decision support system, let us consider an illustration. The history of Decision Support Systems covers a relatively brief span of years, and the concepts and technologies are still evolving. Emerging DSS is a powerful tool and has considerable promise to take care of need of the enduser and thus should be used extensively by the decisionmakers Impact Factor (JCC): 3. 9021 NAAS Rating 2. 38 Towards Predicting Credit Risk in Sri Lankas Banking Sector 17 The Decision Support System (DSS) may be developed using following ways; Prototype method and Lifecycle approach (Tripathi, 2011). Jan 19, 2015  Decision support system. Before the days of computerization, Banks had a lot of raw data in the form of manual accounts ledgers, registers, and various reports. After computerization this data was fed into basic automated financial accounting applications, and databases to bring the Banks into the information age.

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